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FIT3D Body Scanning – Holiday Discount!

fit-3d-body-scan-digital-physical-therapist-nycActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC is one of only a few sites in NYC that has a FIT3D body scanner. The body scanner uses cameras to create an avatar of your body in space. It gives you measurements of your body in space in standing and in weight bearing. It shows you lean muscle mass versus fat mass, basal metabolic rate and body shape rating. This holiday season, we are giving the gift of health.

Come in today to take your pre-New Year’s eve body scan to get started on your journey to health and wellness. Holiday scan price is $40, discounted from $50. The scan takes 30 seconds and can be repeated a regular intervals as you progress in your fitness regime.

To take advantage of the discount, call us at 212.777.4374 or email us at to schedule a time to come in. Just wear tight fitted clothing so you get an accurate reading. One of ActiveCare PT’s staff members can walk your through it. Call or email us now!

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