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CBS2 New York Start with Kindness Series: Morning Stretches to Combat Stiffness

Dr. Karena Wu, Physical Therapist joins Cindy Hsu this morning on CBS2 NY to demonstrate how to Start your day with Kindness! CBS2 NY started a quick morning series called Start with Kindness with Cindy Hsu.

This morning, we focused on the first thing in the morning stretches to combat stiffness. Sometimes when it is tough to get out of bed when you’re stiff, you can do 3 exercises to help get going. Dr. Wu gave CBS2 a quick demonstration of an overhead stretch, a crossed body stretch and the open book exercises to get your tissues moving so you can get out of bed feeling nice and mobile. These 3 exercises are quick and easy to do before you start your day! Time to give back to yourself with a simple act of kindness.


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