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Compression Boots & Sleeves: Therabody & Normatec

What are compression boots and sleeves? They are often used in compression therapy which increases blood flow in the body. It is a successful therapy for swelling, inflammation and discomfort caused by circulatory conditions such as varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. There are numerous compression therapy devices available that you can avail of with a prescription or over the counter.

Compression therapy is the most common treatment for facilitating blood flow in the lower legs. It is usually achieved through the use of stretchy stockings or wraps. The elastic compresses your legs, ankles, and feet. This prevents blood and fluid from accumulating in these areas.

Compression Boots and Sleeves | Best Compression Therapy

Types of Compression Therapies

There are mainly three types of compression therapies that are used to treat swelling and inflammation of the limbs.

Compression Stockings: The most popular method of compression apparel is knee-high stockings or boots. If the swelling extends above the knee, you may require longer boots or tights that reach the waist.

Wraps and Bandages: For patients with trouble putting on socks, elastic bandages and wraps could be easier to apply. Bandages are typically applied in layers.

Inflatable devices: These garments cover the legs and sequentially inflate to maintain pressure. Athletes are the most likely to use them. There are different manufacturers for this type of therapy.

Use of Compression Sleeves in Compression Therapy

Normatec and Therabody compression boots are an air-filled recovery garment that you can wear over your entire legs, hips or arms to aid recovery after intense exercise. They offer sequential limb compression from the more distant regions (feet/hands) to the midline (torso). They are mainly leg compression devices attached to a control system that inflates garment pockets to the pressure you specify.

Compression Boots and Sleeves Normatec and Therabody | Compression Therapy

They were initially designed as a component of medical devices and are also known as pneumatic pressure devices (PCD). They were initially designed for lymphedema by a medical doctor. The technology is intended to help enhance and improve blood flow. Today, it is a procedure commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to increase blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, and aid in performance. It could be used by expecting women that want to get rid of excess fluid.

The NormaTec and Therabody recovery boots start by compressing at the ankles. It should feel like a comfortable squeeze and should never be painful. This feeling moves upward towards your legs, mimicking a soothing tissue massage. The process calms and relaxes your nerves, making you feel light and soothed after the procedure.

Compression Boots & Sleeves: Conclusion

Compression therapies are extensively used to relax muscles, improve blood flow and fluid motion, reduce pain, and increase range of motion. Compression boots and sleeves are a very effective form of therapy that offers soothing and relaxation.

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