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How to Choose Athletic Shoes?

How do you choose athletic shoes? Athletic shoes are also called sports shoes, gym shoes, and sneakers. They help in preventing injuries and enhancing performance, especially during sports and athletic activities. If you are looking for the best pair of athletic shoes, we are here to help. This article guides you regarding the kinds of athletic shoes and how to choose the best ones for yourself.

How do you choose athletic shoes?

Types of Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes can be differentiated based on design, weight, and material, among other factors. They  provide different measures of protection for feet and increase productivity during athletic activity.

Following are some of the main kinds of athletic shoes:

Track shoes: These shoes are used for training styles and the unique needs of individual runners.

Field sports shoes: These shoes are studded, spiked, or cleated. These spikes and studs are detachable and replaceable, and their formation varies from sport to sport. The field shoes are mainly used for games like soccer, baseball, and football.

Running or walking shoes: These shoes are mainly used for jogging, walking, running, or exercising.

Specialty sports shoes: These are designed for sports such as aerobic dancing, bicycling or specific sports.

Court sports shoes:  These shoes are designed for courts for games like volleyball, tennis, and basketball.

Outdoor sports shoes: These shoes are made for recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, boating, and hunting.

Things to Consider While Choosing Athletic Shoes

Based on the kind of athletic shoes you want to buy, here are some key factors that you need to consider while choosing the best athletic shoes for yourself:

Running Shoes

For running shoes, go for proper cushioning that offers maximum shock absorption. If you want well-cushioned running shoes, go for ones that offer you flexibility, shock absorption, stability in the heel counter, and control. Other considerations are if the shoes are lightweight and offer good traction.

Aerobic Shoes

These shoes should be lightweight to provide shock absorption and avoid foot fatigue. Look for a good cushioning to ensure less stress on the ball of your foot.

Walking Shoes

If walking is your daily activity, go for a lightweight shoe that offers cushioning and support for your foot. A cushioned sole and a comfortable upper that is soft will also greatly help you with long distances.

Basketball Shoes

For playing basketball, you should go for solid shoes with stiff soles that extend up around the ankle. This will provide you with enhanced stability and added support while decreasing the risk of injury and ankle sprain.

Tennis Shoes

To play tennis, you need shoes that stabilize your quick movements side-to-side. These shoes should be flexible so you can move quickly and easily without interrupting the game.

Cross Trainers

The cross trainer shoes have almost all the qualities in the other athletic shoes. They are flexible from the front and offer lateral control. These shoes can go well for many sports and activity.

How do you choose athletic shoes? | Best Physical Therapy

Some More Tips on How to Choose Athletic Shoes

  • Before buying, try on athletic shoes after your workout or at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest; this way, you will be able to choose the perfect fit for your feet.
  • Run or walk a few steps to ensure that the shoes are comfortable.
  • Try to purchase shoes from a specialty store to get valuable advice on the shoes for your needs.
  • When trying the shoes, wear the same pair of socks you wear for your sport and other activities.
  • Check for a firm grip on the heel of your shoes and ensure that they don’t slip when you run or walk.
  • Change your shoes regularly, mainly after every 300-500 running miles, as the cushioning of the shoes is greatly affected and worn down after some time.

How to Choose Athletic Shoes?: Conclusion

Working on the tips and advice mentioned above, you can easily choose the best athletic shoes for yourself. You can reach us at ActiveCare Physical Therapy if you want more information on athletics and athletic shoes. Or call us at (212) 777-4374 to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to hear from you!

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