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Karena on CBS New York: 3 Easy Exercises You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Chair

If you’re reading this while you’re sitting at your desk… stay right there! Physical Therapist, Dr. Karena Wu has 3 easy to do exercises that you can do from the comfort of your chair, with no equipment necessary. Dr. Wu joins Cindy Hsu and John Elliott on CBS New York to demonstrate these 3 exercises. This sequence will work your full body to help improve your posture, provide pain relief, and support sitting at a computer all day long.

Cindy Hsu, John Elliott and Dr. Wu discussed the hazards of sitting at your chair for too long. This segment focused on 3 easy exercises to combat the sedentary position of sitting. Sitting can affect your major organ systems and cause a host of other diseases and conditions from the poor posture that usually accompanies prolonged sitting. Dr. Wu picked 3 movement and stretch based exercises to combat the compression of the spine and the organs when sitting. The anchors CBS News and Stations New York did a great job in performing the exercises with Dr. Wu.

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