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Posture Mistakes

What are the most common posture mistakes? Body aches and muscle stiffness are often caused by extensive physical activity or weakness. However, people seldom think about another one of the primary reasons behind it, which is bad posture. Sitting or walking in bad postures becomes so routine that you might not even notice it daily.

posture mistakes

It is pretty easy to look at and identify bad posture in the people around us, but it is challenging to identify one’s own posture. However, if you experience body aches or muscle stiffness regularly, you should consider and examine your posture mistakes.

Common Posture Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Bad posture is one of the leading causes of back and muscle pain. Correcting your bad posture might take some time and effort, but working on it can significantly benefit your body. Here are some of the most common posture mistakes and the ideas regarding how you can fix them.

1.     Slouching on the Chair

Slouching can overstretch and strain your muscles and tissues, which can cause pain afterward. You need exercise to strengthen your hip, back and core muscles to correct your posture. Strengthening your core muscles will also help stabilize your spine which is necessary for good posture.

2.     Sticking Out your Bottom

A stuck-out bottom or pronounced curve in the lower back is also known as hyperlordosis. This posture mistake results in an inward curve of your lower back, creating somewhat of a ”Donald Duck” posture.

To correct this posture mistake, buttock and core strengthening exercises and thigh stretches, especially the hip flexors are recommended. Some other easy tips to correct this posture are:

  • Pulling in your abdomen
  • Keeping your tailbone and pelvis relaxed and down
  • Balancing your weight equally on both feet
  • Keeping your feet apart at a hip distance
  • Keeping your legs straight and knees relaxed
  • Avoid tilting your head backward, sideways or forward

3.     Standing with a Flat Back

A flat back indicates a tucked-in pelvis and flat lower back, instead of a natural curve of your low back. People with a flat back face difficulty while standing for extended periods. This posture results from the muscle imbalance that causes you to lean your head and neck forward, further leading to upper back and neck strain.

To correct this posture mistake, you should exercise to strengthen your buttocks, neck, core, and shoulder muscles, emphasizing the arch so your back comes in a natural alignment and your low back curve returns.

4.     Leaning on One Leg

Leaning on one leg seems comfortable when standing for an extended period of time. However, this puts extra pressure on one side of your hip and lower back. To correct this posture, you must distribute equal weight on both legs.

5.     Text Back and Hunched Back

Hunching on the keyboard becomes standard practice for some, resulting in a weaker upper back. This posture, with time, can make you develop an upper back that is rounded along with a stiff neck and shoulders. To correct this common posture mistake, you should perform strengthening exercises for the upper back, lower back and shoulders. Neck posture drills and chest stretches dramatically help correct a hunched back.

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Benefits of Avoiding Posture Mistakes

You might not realize it, but posture mistakes can significantly affect your body’s health and wellbeing. Here are some of the significant benefits of avoiding posture mistakes:

  • Decreases wear and tear of your joints, which leading to joint ailments like arthritis.
  • Good bones and joint alignment leads to effective muscle recruitment.
  • Prevents muscle pains and backache.
  • Decreases undue stress on your spine.
  • Ensures that your spine is not fixed in abnormal positions.
  • It prevents fatigue which is caused by muscle mal-alignment
  • It prevents muscle stiffness and soreness

Posture Mistakes: Conclusion

Posture mistakes are a bad habit and if not paid proper attention, they can lead to severe muscle strains and tissue damage.

If you are facing problems in correcting your posture mistakes, you can request a physical therapy session at ActiveCare Physical Therapy ©. Call us at (212) 777-4374 to schedule your initial evaluation today. We would be happy to hear from you!

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