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Massage Guns

Massage guns are wireless portable devices used to massage and provide vibration to soft tissues to soothe muscle stiffness and soreness. They are called ‘vibration therapy’ and ‘percussive massage treatment,’ due to their function and sound.

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Massage guns are getting more popular than ever due to their benefits. They are most popular among people who work out vigorously or perform extreme physical activity. Here is a detailed outlook on everything you need to know about massage guns, what they are, how they work, and whether they are worth it.

What is a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are wireless handheld devices that appear like power drills. They mostly come with rechargeable batteries and with different attachments. They are mainly used to relieve muscle tension and soreness, especially after a workout or vigorous physical activity.

These vibration guns provide you with vibration therapy, or a feeling of your muscles being worked by a person for relaxation of stiff and sore muscles. These massage guns not only reduce stiffness and soreness of your muscles, but also increase blood flow resulting in enhanced flexibility and looser muscles.

How to Use a Massage Gun?

To use a massage gun, you have to place it on your muscles and turn on the device. It will start to percuss (move up and down) and vibrate at a lower movement amplitude and higher frequency which promotes recovery of your sore muscles from a workout.

An effective massage gun can be used whenever you want to relieve muscle tension, after a workout, or even before the session for increased flexibility. You place it on the area that feels stiff or sore, and add as much pressure as you want.

You can keep massaging the desired area from 15 seconds to up to two minutes. Some machines also have monitors connected to an app to indicate how much pressure you should exert for how much time.

Always avoid bony areas, especially if you have had an injury or surgery in the past and there are any skin issues. Consult with your health care provider first if you experience any significant existing medical condition related to muscles and bones.

How to Choose a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are readily available, so you should choose one carefully. A top-quality massage gun can cost you several hundred dollars, so you should always check online reviews before buying one.

Massage guns come in different sizes and shapes, giving you many options to choose from. Some come with adjustable handles and heads that give you the liberty to reach different areas of your body that are not easy to reach.

Consider the muscles and areas you want to work to choose the appropriate pressure and size. For massage guns you can take on the go, get a smaller size as it can easily fit in a backpack.

Types of Massage Guns

Go for a massage gun with enhanced settings and features, so you can adjust the pressure and vibration movements to your comfort level. You want this device to relax your muscles and not worsen the pressure and stiffness.


Massage guns are an effective device that can efficiently relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. They provide comfort and relaxation after a workout session or any aggressive form of physical activity.

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