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Today Show Sleep Series: Tips & Tricks to Decompress Your Spine and Joints Before You Get Out of Bed

Dr. Karena Wu, Physical Therapist and Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy joined the Today Show in March 2024 for the Sleep Series segment. Dr. Wu discussed a few tips and tricks to decompress your spine and joints before you get out of bed. She taught an exercise called traction or lengthening of the neck and showed the anchors how to turn the shoulder blade muscles on your upper back for the upper body area to reduce aches and pains in the neck and shoulders. Dr. Wu described a pelvic tilt to stretch the low back and a glute, or hip stretch to lengthen the hip muscles and reduce compression in the low back spine and hip. Sheinelle Jones, Al Roker and Craig Melvin performed the exercises with Dr. Wu leading the group. These quick exercises can be done before leaving the bed to reduce your pain and stiffness first thing in the morning.

Check out the video below to learn how to do these simple yet effective exercises:


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