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CBD Health Benefits

Are you curious about CBD health benefits? Summer is right around the corner. NYC is rebounding and people are doing more activities outside and in their work life. Travel is at an all time high for the summer season. Stress is a major factor in big city living and our environment changes (wildfire smoke blanketing the Northeast, issues on and with public transportation, etc). ActiveCare Physical Therapy is your holistic, one-stop shop that educates our clients on the use of all natural products to help with stress and symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions.

Versea CBD products activecare physical therapy discountCBD Health Benefits

Dr. Karena Wu is a Chief Scientific Officer with Versea Wellness. Versea Health is a transformative healthcare company that offers high-value diagnostic tests and therapeutic solutions. Versea Wellness offers hemp based CBD that is pharmaceutical grade. It is water based and has pharmacokinetic studies that demonstrate 4.4x greater absorption and a faster time to work versus oil based CBD’s (1 hour v 3 hours). CBD is an all natural plant by-product from the hemp or cannabis plant that is readily absorbed by the human body because we have natural CBD receptors within us. CBD is helpful for pain and inflammation, stress, anxiety and helps with sleep. There are also many other benefits listed that can be found in many articles online. Read this article for some great information on the benefits of CBD:

If you are looking to add CBD to enhance your health, reduce your pain or help you sleep, your physical therapist is here and ready to help you choose the right product. Oral formulations work systemically, which means the whole body benefits. Topical formulations work locally or are site specific. We would love for you to try Versea and what we stand by. If you are interested in trying it, we are having a 20% off for products (while available) bought onsite at the ActiveCare Physical Therapy office in NYC.

If you cannot make it into the clinic, order online using the link here:
Use access code: EECK but there is no discount online.

Call us now at (212) 777-4374 to learn more. *As always, if you are taking any medications, please discuss use with your physician. We are happy to help you and your physician understand the benefits of using CBD.

Happy Summer Self Care!


Dr. Wu & The Team @ ActiveCare Physical Therapy

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