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Dr. Karena Wu attends 32nd Research Symposium for Kinesio Medical Taping in Tokyo, Japan

Kinesio Tape information karena wu activecare pt kinesiology tape expertsDr. Karena Wu is a Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner and has been certified since 2005. In fact, she is currently in Tokyo, Japan, October 14-15, 2023 for the Kinesio Medical Taping 32nd Research Symposium. KTAI is the originator of kinesiology tape and their brand is marked by extensive research and medical applications. Kinesio Tape is used in the post operative setting, in clinics and even at home with their pre-cuts. Dr. Wu has used different kinesiology tapes in her clinic, on the road with the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) in America in the sports medicine tent and on herself for her knee injury. The tape has no medicine in it. It is an elastic therapeutic tape that stretches on its long axis only and provides the body with continuous sensory stimuli for muscle activation, muscle inhibition, support, circulation and all around pain relief. This tape is an easy at home tool that many can use to manage their health and wellness or recovery from injury or surgery. Kinesiology tape can be used on throughout the lifespan and on multiple conditions.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy, NYC and Mumbai offers kinesiology taping services and our providers are Kinesio Tape Certified.

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