Heal Yourself With the Best! Bad Posture Can Be Causing Your Neck and Back Pain – and This $19 Posture Corrector Can Help

Posture is a component of rehabilitation that ActiveCare Physical Therapy and Dr. Karena Wu emphasize. Dr. Wu is a certified Pilates instructor in addition to a licensed Physical Therapist. Her training in Pilates emphasizes posture in both Pilates based rehab and physical therapy exercises. ActiveCare Physical Therapy treats with a holistic practice philosophy and posture is an integral part of our hands on care. The team at ActiveCare PT recommend postural products when clients require more continuous care outside of therapy. Dr. Wu was asked to comment on the Vibo Care posture corrector in this article. This postural corrective device works well for those who require more continuous stimulation that cannot be ignored as easily as the electronic posture reminders.

Posture is an important part of your health and poor posture can affect not just your musculoskeletal system, but other internal organ systems that can result in conditions that affect your body systemically. Other systems that can be affected are your cardiac, respiratory, digestive, metabolic and psychological systems. Exercise the best posture at all times to stay strong and healthy. Consult your local physical therapist to see how your posture measures up against the rest. Posture specific exercises can help the majority of our clients and discuss with your therapist if you need external assistive devices, like the Vibo Care in this article.

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