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Physical Therapy Telehealth

Have you ever wished that your physical therapist can teach you to move better at home? Do you find it hard to reach your appointments on time? You can try physical therapy telehealth, which is a one on one, live video appointment with your physical therapist. Telehealth is becoming famous nowadays and enables patients to talk and see their physical therapists and healthcare providers, from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Physical therapy telehealth

How Is Telehealth Delivered?

There are four ways a physical therapist can deliver telehealth physical therapy services. Below you can find all the methods:

1.    Live Video

This is also called “synchronous” format and involves live interaction between both parties through video. You can also call this method real-time. This is the best and ideal type of delivery for treatments and evaluations.

2.    Store-and-Forward

You can also call this method ‘asynchronous’ format. This offers you to transfer medical or history records through a secure electronic means. You can send your x-rays, progressive notes, and much more through this method.

3.    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM):

This involves remote monitoring of health and medical data of the patients through secure electronic means. This method is perfect for monitoring blood glucose and blood pressure, steps each day, and much more.

4.    Mobile Health (mHealth):

This offers education, public health notifications, and healthcare services over tablets, cell phone, and other electronic devices.

Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy

Here are some reasons when you should consider telehealth physical therapist:

1.    Accessibility

You can stay in touch with your physical therapist after the first in-person visit. Telehealth physical therapy will also connect you with a professional physical therapist who has great experience, knows your condition, has board certification as a specialist, and is far from you. If you live in an area where you cannot find any physical therapist, you can use this method.

2.    Home Safety

You can also discuss ways to maintain the safety of your house through a visual telehealth appointment. Your physical therapist can also guide you on what to do if you fall.

3.    Convenience

You can communicate with the physical therapist anywhere, anytime. Therefore, physical therapy sessions are possible for everyone. If you had a new injury and require quick advice and cannot leave your bed, you can discuss your condition with your physical therapist through telehealth physical therapy. So with telehealth physical therapy, you no longer need to compromise your health if you cannot visit the physical therapist in person.

4.    Personalized Care

During a visit to telehealth private physical therapy session, you will be working one on one with your physical therapist, without any distraction. You can also ask your caregivers or family members to join the appointment.

5.    Success Rates

Patients who participated in telehealth physical therapy were likely to follow their home exercise program. Your physical therapist will share an effective and safe home exercise program that you can do at home according to your goals and needs. It is essential to stick to your prescribed exercise for long-term health benefits.

6.    Time Savings

There is no waiting in the waiting area. And after your appointment, you can quickly start dealing with the activities you performed before the session without spending any time on the roads.

7.    Transportation

You do not have to drive. A telehealth appointment will reduce all your burdens of traveling to your appointments. Telehealth is perfect for caregivers and parents with children who are concerned about traveling for the appointment with their loved ones. Telehealth is also perfect for people who have no access to transportation that easily.

Physical therapy telehealth

Most of the patients who went through telehealth physical therapy expressed satisfaction and would want to take the session again. Patients receive support and stay connected with their telehealth physical therapist. Having such support by staying at home and still going through rehabilitation is effective. According to some studies, telehealth has equal and better outcomes than traditional physical therapy methods. Who Can Join In Telehealth Physical Therapy?

People belonging to any age, who are having some medical condition or symptoms, can be the candidate for telehealth. Here are a few examples of conditions in which a physical therapist can help you through telehealth:

  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain management
  • Postoperative care
  • Balance
  • And any other condition that physical therapist thinks he can help you through telehealth

Physical Therapy Telehealth: Conclusion

As now we spend more time at home practicing social distancing, each state is having difficulty in deciding whether physical therapy is viable. Physical therapy is essential for safely treating and repairing musculoskeletal injuries.

Therefore, if you are looking for a physical therapist for your condition regarding pain in your ligaments, tendons, or bones, you can call us at (212) 777-4374. Alternatively, visit our website for a better understanding of your condition.

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