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Change Your Body For the Better With a Fit3D Body Scan

fit-3d-body-scan-digital-physical-therapist-nycAre you looking to change your body for the better? How can you track your weight loss? Winter is in full swing and it is a great time to get in shape for the upcoming spring and summer. The Fit3D body scanner helps with trackable weight change and is in heavy use at ActiveCare Physical Therapy. Clients are coming in for their 3 month packages to track their fitness journey for general health and wellness. For those with diabetes and hypertension, weight loss is not about aesthetics but about life or death. Tracking your weight loss is easy through the FIT3D body scanner. The scans are housed in the Fit3D cloud and allow for side by side comparisons. Weight and body composition using a proprietary DXA will calculate lean mass versus fat mass. The body scanner will create a 3 dimensional avatar for comparison every month and can even be used to create custom fit clothing for your new transformation.

Reach out to us today to get started and discover how the Fit3D body scan can help you discover your new self. Visit our website to learn how this 3D scan works:

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