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7 Benefits of Using Ankle Weights

What are the benefits of using ankle weights? To increase muscle work when exercising, you might use additional weight attached to your ankle.

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights - Best PT NYC

Any fitness regimen must include strength training. But for many folks, using large free weights for exercise is not possible. An alternative option to think about is using ankle weights for exercise. With ankle weights, you may exercise effectively while keeping your hands free because they are far lighter than traditional dumbbells.

You need to choose a device with the right weight, material, closures, and other features to maximize the benefits of the ankle weight workout. This article will explain the advantages of ankle weight use in your workouts.

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights for Weight Loss

Below are some of the key benefits of using ankle weights during your workout sessions for effective weight loss:

1.     You Burn Calories Faster

Wearing ankle weights can help you burn more calories and help you lose weight. This can be advantageous, especially if you’re doing aerobic exercises to lose weight. Even when you perform the same cardio exercises, using ankle weights can mix things up and aid calorie-burning. Additionally, ankle weights make your muscles work harder, boosting metabolism and extending the duration of your calorie burn.

2.     Better Breathing

People with respiratory illnesses like asthma may find comfort with ankle weights. But while running, you must fasten them around your wrists rather than your legs. The additional weight in the upper extremity increases the heart and respiratory rates, which are crucial for healthy breathing and the development of the respiratory muscles. You can add ankle weights to your breathing exercises for more efficiency, but you should consult your doctor first.

3.     Improved Stamina

Additionally, ankle weights can improve stamina, mainly when used to prepare for long-distance running. Exercising with ankle weights makes your legs heavier and requires more effort to bring them up. Your heart rate goes up, your calorie expenditure goes up, and your leg muscles get stronger over time.

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights | Increased Stamina

Your stamina is enhanced by elevated heart and respiratory rates, which might enhance your performance in endurance events. Additionally, exercising using ankle weights will help you develop more quicker and faster movements because working out with them makes your legs stronger for faster reaction time and explosiveness.

4.   Strengthened Bones and Muscles

To strengthen weak leg bones, doctors typically advise wearing ankle weights. Several doctors have successfully employed this approach to help patients whose weak bones prevented them from running marathons. Ankle weights add resistance to build and sculpt your leg muscles and is a significant advantage to bone health.

They increase the difficulty of specific movements, which makes your muscles work harder and causes your leg muscles to grow. When performing these leg workouts, remember to add ankle weights.

5.     Stronger Ab Muscles

Using ankle weights, you may strengthen your core and develop stronger abdominal muscles. They add weight to your legs, increasing resistance when performing ab exercises that involve leg movement. Wear them while performing ab exercises, including lying leg lifts, suspended knee raises, and flutter kicks.

6.     Your Ability for Aquatic Workouts is Enhanced

ankle weights for aquatic swimming & exercise | Physical Therapy NYCAnkle weights can enhance your swimming efficiency and other aquatic exercises if you enjoy them. While swimming, ankle weights make your hands and legs work harder, which raises your heart rate and causes you to burn more calories. While conducting aquatic workouts, ankle weights put less strain on the knees and joints, lowering the risk of injury but remember to keep it light as they also add weight.

7.     Ankle Weights Offer Versatility

The versatility of ankle weights is among the main justifications for utilizing them. Ankle weights could be utilized in every session, unlike most training equipment only suitable for specific exercises. Ankle weights are ideal for body weight and cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling, and walking and can easily be worn around the wrist as well for upper body workouts.

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights: Conclusion

In addition to enhancing the impact on weight loss during your workout sessions, ankle weights also provide you with additional health and strength benefits. If you require professional assistance using ankle weights for weight loss or general physical therapy services, get in touch with us at ActiveCare Physical Therapy ®.

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