About ActiveCare PT:

  • Our therapists are licensed in New York State and active members in the American Physical Therapy Association. We have advanced training in joint mobilization and myofascial release techniques.
  • We are dedicated practitioners with a passion for the profession and a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment and healing. We treat each patient as an individual and treat the whole person, with a plan of care designed to meet the patient’s set goals for health, functionality and a return to work, tasks and activities. We network with a team of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists in order to provide guidance to other modalities that may be effective in the patients’ care.
  • Physical Therapist and owner Karena Wu is a graduate of the Program in Physical Therapy at Columbia University and is affiliated with several healthcare organizations in New York City. She is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Pilates Instructor, and uses SpiderTech Taping.
  • ActiveCare is primarily an out-of-network facility. We accept all insurance with out-of-network benefits and file for most major insurance plans. We work with all prospective patients to create workable payment plans regardless of insurance coverage.
  • ActiveCare accepts Medicare, No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation patients depending on schedule availability.
  • ActiveCare’s administrators provide seamless and efficient concierge-style client service to all of our patients. And the whole ActiveCare team makes sure your time with us is a beneficial, productive and enjoyable experience.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy Is Practicing Social Distancing

ActiveCare Physical Therapy practices social distancing as much as we can. We have taken the necessary precautions to continue your care while minimizing contact. We rearranged some things to add more space to our already spacious clinic. Call us or email us now if you are experiencing any pain. We can help you in person or remotely, whichever makes you feel the most comfortable and better as fast as possible. We hope everyone is staying safe during these times but please know we are still here for you!

ActiveCare Physical Therapy participates with PT for Heroes

PT For Heroes-Free Telehealth For Healthcare Pros - Activecare PT NYCPT for Heroes is a nationwide program that offers FREE telehealth physical therapy sessions for frontline healthcare professionals. ActiveCare understands the value of the healthcare system and those treating patients with corona virus. What we can do to help those professionals is offer free physical therapy sessions so they can take care of their own systems to continue their amazing work and take care of their own needs. We all need to stay strong physically, mentally and energetically during this time. This is just another way we can participate in helping fight this novel virus. ACPT also continues to treat those well healthy patients in the clinic and those self-quarantined over telehealth. We will stand strong with the rest of the world to fight and recover as quickly and safely as possible.

To schedule an appointment, please email us at staff@bestptnyc.com or call us at 212.777.4374.

Stretching the Gluteal or Hip Muscles Video

Stretching Your Glutes

2 quick stretches to target the gluteal or hip muscles. This big muscle group powers the hips but also supports the low back. They often feel tight as they do a lot of work to propel you forward when you are walking or running. The two stretches demonstrated in this video are the knee to opposite shoulder stretch and the figure 4 stretch. Both target the hip external rotator muscle.

Low Back & Hip Twist Stretch Video

The following low back & hip twist stretch video shows easy, at home exercises that stretch your low back and glute using your own limb as a weight. It is a rotational stretch in the low back and hip. It will also give you a stretch on the outside of the thigh (the iliotibial band-ITB).

*If you have any symptoms traveling down the leg, please check with your PT before performing this exercise.

Bustle: The 4 Best Seat Cushions For Back Pain

best-seat-cushions-back-pain-pt-nycLow back pain affects two-thirds of the population. It is one of the most common complaints a person will have when seeking physical therapy. ActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC and Dr. Karena Wu specialize in the spine. Her training started with spinal cases in her first year out of physical therapy school in 2000. As a Maitland practitioner and as faculty in the Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminar series, the team at ActiveCare Physical Therapy uses manual therapy to relieve back pain. When patients need more help, we recommend the use of assistive devices like seat cushion or kinesiology tape.

To see how a seat cushion can help you if you experience back pain, click on the article here.

Full article link: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-4-best-seat-cushions-for-back-pain-19430303

Good Posture Isn’t All About Your Back — Here’s What Else You Should Pay Attention to

From Thrive Global:

Good Posture Isn’t All About Your Back — Here’s What Else You Should Pay Attention to

Posture is one of the first things a physical therapist addresses when working holistically. ActiveCare Physical Therapy is a holistic manual therapy specialty clinic. We help you with your injury but tie it into the person as a whole which includes your posture and habits. A physical therapist, spine surgeon, and orthopedic surgeons weigh in on posture in this Thrive Global article. The other components involved in good upright posture are discussed. To see the full story, click here.

Full article link: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/good-posture-body-parts-neck-head-spine-arms-shoulders/

Bustle: The 5 Best Body Pillows for Back Pain

From Bustle:

The 5 Best Body Pillows for Back Pain

best-body-pillows-for-back-pain-karena-wu-best-pt-nycBustle reached out to NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu for her input on body pillows. Sleep is an extremely important part of your day. It helps with recovery and repair of your system and it is crucial to get enough quality hours to allow your body to heal. How you sleep is a question that is asked during a proper physical therapy evaluation, especially when a patient comments on symptoms during the night or having more pain first thing in the morning. A body pillow can help reduce pain by properly positioning the body for prolonged periods of time as you sleep. To see the story, click here.

Full article link: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-5-best-body-pillows-for-back-pain-19423987

Beauty Heaven: Can You Really Spot Target Fat Loss?

beauty-heaven-press-fat-loss-celebrity-pt-nycFrom Beauty Heaven:

Celebrity Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu works with professional athletes and the busy professional. In season, professional beach volleyball players are working in their bikinis and board shorts. The regular layperson wears appropriately appealing and sometimes revealing clothing when the weather turns warm. Both are always aware of their aesthetic appeal as well as their general fitness. As a healthcare provider and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Wu addresses return to function but also aesthetic appeal. This article discusses fat loss, the beauty side of working out. Dr. Wu discusses what you can do to spot target fat loss. To see the article, click here.

full article link: https://www.beautyheaven.co.nz/body-health/fitness/can-you-really-spot-target-fat-loss

5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Dramatically Improve One’s Wellbeing, with Dr. Karena Wu and Dr. William Seeds

From Medium.com:

dr-karena-wu-best-physical-therapist-nyc-2020International Celebrity Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu was asked to participate in this interview by Dr. William Seeds of Medium.com and Authority Magazine. Health and wellness are integral parts of your life expectancy and when you are participant to rehabilitation. As physical therapists, there are other components in your care other than just the physical. Dr. Wu speaks of her journey through her career and of the lessons she learned. To read Dr. Wu’s whole story, click here.

Full Article Link: https://medium.com/@drseeds/2311b5f78097

5 Ways To Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat While Traveling

5 ways to beat post-Thanksgiving bloat while traveling

International Celebrity Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu gets picked up by The Points Guy!

As an international traveler for her India clinic and her international clients, this renowned physical therapist speaks first hand on her multiple travels. Traveling is getting busier and busier with less flights from all businesses cutting costs. One of the biggest travel days: Thanksgiving in America, which means giving thanks and enjoying the fruits of life… which also means enjoying to excess. Prolonged positioning in any form and especially during travel can lead to certain health issues and to avoid these holiday travel issues, Dr. Wu comments on how to make the best of a crowded up in the air situation. To read her story, click here.

Full article link: https://thepointsguy.com/guide/post-thanksgiving-airport-healthy-activities/

Get Back Into Running Post-Injury With This Interval Cardio Program

From Popsugar.com:

best-physical-therapist-for-running-nycWe are well into 2020 and everyone should have started their new year’s fitness routine. It was a stunning weekend to take your exercise outdoors and I saw a lot of runners in the East River Park on both Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures were in the middle 60’s in the middle of January! Many were running but the pavement is different than a treadmill. Also, a large majority of runners get hurt due to the repetitive stress and high impact nature of the sport of running.

NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu coaches her clients on how to return to running when recovering from an injury. Running requires a gradual reintroduction of the elements and takes patience and education. When done correctly, it can get your back to your sport without reinjury. To learn the tips, click on the story here.

Full article link: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/post-running-injury-cardio-workout-46936765

ActiveCare Named Best Physical Therapist in 2020 Best of the City Contest

2020 Best of Borough Award Winner - Activecare Best Physical Therapist NYC

ActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC at Best Physical Therapist NYC has been named Best Physical Therapist in the 2020 Best of the City Contest.

The people have spoken and named ActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC at Best Physical Therapist NYC, Best Physical Therapist under the Health, Wellness & Beauty Category!

5 Reasons to Wear Compression Clothing for Psoriatic Arthritis

From Everyday Health:

5 Reasons to Wear Compression Clothing for Psoriatic Arthritis

Compression Clothing Helps with Psoriatic Arthritis (PSA)ActiveCare Physical Therapy treats patients with different kinds of arthritis. NYC’s Best Physical Therapy office works individually with each client to tailor their therapeutic program to the individual. Psoriatic arthritis can benefit from the use of compression clothing to minimize pain and inflammation.

To read Dr. Karena Wu’s comments on the use of compression clothing, click here.

9 Easy Chair Exercises That Actually Work Your Whole Body

From The Healthy:

9 Easy Chair Exercises That Actually Work Your Whole Body

Sitting is now considered the new smoking. As an international physiotherapist, NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu loves to be efficient with time and health. In a society that sits more and more, exercises that can be done in your chair can carry a lot of weight.  Major muscles groups can be stretched or worked out while sitting in your chair, whether you are in the office, in a plane or at home. To read the story, click here.

FIT3D Body Scanning – Holiday Discount!

fit-3d-body-scan-digital-physical-therapist-nycActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC is one of only a few sites in NYC that has a FIT3D body scanner. The body scanner uses cameras to create an avatar of your body in space. It gives you measurements of your body in space in standing and in weight bearing. It shows you lean muscle mass versus fat mass, basal metabolic rate and body shape rating. This holiday season, we are giving the gift of health.

Come in today to take your pre-New Year’s eve body scan to get started on your journey to health and wellness. Holiday scan price is $40, discounted from $50. The scan takes 30 seconds and can be repeated a regular intervals as you progress in your fitness regime.

To take advantage of the discount, call us at 212.777.4374 or email us at staff@bestptnyc.com to schedule a time to come in. Just wear tight fitted clothing so you get an accurate reading. One of ActiveCare PT’s staff members can walk your through it. Call or email us now!

20 Small Victories That Prove You’re Making Weight Loss Progress

From Prevention:

20 Small Victories That Prove You’re Making Weight Loss Progress


Weight loss is a slow and steady process. There are small signs that demonstrate that the work you put into losing weight pays off. NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu talks about one victory associated with weight loss. You can use the FIT3D body scanner at ActiveCare PT this holiday season to measure your weight loss success. To see the whole article on losing weight, click here.

Full link: https://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/g25832230/non-scale-victories-weight-loss/?slide=1