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Physical Therapy: Shoulders

At what point do you need physical therapy for the shoulders? Your shoulders are an essential part of your body. They are the most movable and flexible joints that consist of multiple tendons, bones, and muscles. They are responsible for providing mobility, which allows you to perform various daily tasks and activities, along with various exercise routines.

Physical therapy for the shoulders

Shoulder pain may be due to numerous reasons, and you can take various steps to reduce your discomfort. Physical therapy is an easy, effective, and natural way to get relief from shoulder pain. To know more about how physical therapy can help you with your back pain, you should read this article.

Physical therapy, or rehabilitation, can ease you from joint and muscle pain. A licensed and professional physical therapist will use various methods to strengthen your muscles, make your body move, and feel better. Here are some of the methods that a Physical therapist might try on you:

  • Joint Mobilization
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Limitations Assessment
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Stretches for Flexibility
  • Kinesio Taping for Stability
  • Ultrasound massage

Millions of people suffering from shoulder pain will visit a physical therapist for relief. A physical therapist is a licensed and highly educated professional who has the ability to treat various chronic conditions, diseases, and injuries.

The primary goal of physical therapy is to maintain everyday quality of life by increasing your mobility and strength and decreasing your pain. If you have difficulty dressing up, reaching the highest shelf, and tucking in your shirt, then physical therapy is necessary. Or if you are avoiding similar activities due to pain, weakness, or stiffness, physical therapy is the best option for help.

Why are You Experiencing Shoulder Pain

There are many reasons for your shoulder pain. For instance, sudden trauma or injury to your shoulders can lead to severe pain. Repetitive motion can also be a reason for shoulder pain, as your tendons, joints, and muscles are working overtime. Physical therapy can help you with many conditions that may be the reason for your discomfort or pain that you are experiencing in your shoulder. Some of the common conditions that result in shoulder pain are mentioned below:

1.     Tendonitis

This condition occurs when you have inflamed or irritated tendons. Tendonitis may appear in various regions of your body. You may know this condition with other names, such as swimmer’s shoulder, tennis elbow, and jumper’s knee. An experienced physical therapist can treat different types of tendonitis and relieve the inflamed area.

2.     Strains and Sprains

A strain may occur due to torn or stretched tendons or muscles. A sprain may occur when you tear or pull your ligaments. Strains and sprains may result in severe shoulder pain, which makes daily life activities and tasks harder to perform. A minor sprain or strain can improve by resting or by icing at home. If the condition is severe, you will require treatment through physical therapy.

Rotator cuff strains are one of the leading reasons for shoulder pain. A physical therapist will find the best exercises to strengthen your shoulder without further damage and utilizing other treatments to decrease your shoulder pain.

3.     Bursitis

Bursitis is an inflamed condition of the joints. These are fluid-filled sacs that surround your tendons, muscles, and bones. Bursitis affects those sacs and often occurs due to repetitive motions. You may feel achy or stiff in the affected area if you are experiencing bursitis. The affected area will swell and become red. With physical therapy, you can ease the painful symptoms and inflammation.

Best physical therapy for the shoulders

4.     Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition with severe pain, which occurs after a long time of inactivity, such as after an injury or getting contained to a sling or for any unknown reason. This condition becomes worse after some time and results in stiffness and pain. You will probably recover from this condition after a few years, but physical therapy will help provide relief while recovering. Furthermore, it also helps to speed up the process.

5.     Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease related to your joints and causes stiffness and pain. There are various types of arthritis, but most commonly, people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation and swelling in your joints. However, in osteoarthritis, damage to the cartilage between bones causes both the bones to rub together. For both of these arthritis conditions, you can relieve pain and improve mobility through physical therapy.

6.     Shoulder Instability

You may be suffering from shoulder instability due to various reasons, such as traumatic dislocation and ligament laxity. Damage to the labrum, which keeps your shoulder in the joint socket, is also a major reason why shoulder instability occurs. Muscles provide stability for your shoulder, and you can strengthen and train to support your shoulder properly.

Physical Therapy for the Shoulders: Conclusion

No matter what type of pain you are suffering from, an experienced physical therapist will create a specialized program to treat your condition. Physical therapy proves to be effective for various conditions, and in most cases, eliminates the requirement of harmful drugs and surgeries.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain or any pain affecting your daily activities, contact us at (212) 777-4374 or visit our main PT website to learn more about Physical Therapy for your shoulder pain and any other condition.

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