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Physical Therapy Case Studies: Chronic Neck Pain & Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapy Case Studies
Written by Sharvari Satghare

Case Study #1: Chronic Neck Pain

PT for neck pain NYC-case studyBill suffers from chronic neck pain and has a past history of shoulder injury. We have been through his journey with pain and discomfort and helped him regain his functional abilities. We incorporate manual therapy such as Maitland joint mobilization, trigger point release, and myofascial release to decrease pain and improve mobility of his neck and thoracic spine. Additionally, stretches for tight muscles and therapeutic exercises for active range of motion and strength are recommended for his core and shoulder muscles, respectively. We performed external rotation with retraction in order to retrain his posture and strengthen his muscles. Neck, shoulder, and upper back synergize to form a single chain and hence, we strive to work in a holistic Theraband for lower back PTmanner. Ergonomics is an essential part of physical therapy. Accordingly, we rehabilitated Bill to help him pursue his hobby of photography and bike riding. We trained Bill with the correct mechanics to use his camera without forward head posture and reinforced appropriate upper back and arm position. We advised him to change his old mattress to improve his quality of sleep and introduced modifications for his position while riding the bike. Therabands and dumbbells are some of the other equipment that are utilized for progressing his plan of care. At the end of the session, home exercises are prescribed in order to maintain good compliance with therapy.

Evaluating patients at the beginning, middle, and end of the session, paying attention to details while communicating with patients, and developing individualized plans of care form the crux of patient care at ActiveCare Physical Therapy©. Our aim is to meet the patient’s goal and create a plan of management tailored to the patient’s expectations.

We work in a clean and sanitized environment following social distancing guidelines. By wearing masks, gloves, and maintaining 6 feet distance, we strive to deliver continuous patient-centered care in the best possible way.

Case Study #2: Lower Back Pain & Foot Pain

PT for lower back pain-case studyBonnie, a long term PT patient who is a fitness enthusiast. Her chief complaints are lower back pain and foot pain. Our sessions begin with asking her about her current complaint and confirming her goals. We utilize a specialized technique called the shotgun, a muscle energy technique, that corrects pelvic malalignment to reset the hip girdle. We incorporate a hands-on approach to treat specific areas. We also use a Pilates-based approach to encourage core strengthening and develop stability. We empower our patients to be actively involved in their plan of care. In this image, Bonnie is wearing her mask and gloves while exercising on the balance board to train her stability and proprioception. She has been supervised but is able to manage her exercises independently.

Educating patients is equally important. We communicate with patients to explain their condition and prognosis and set goals while working as a team. Additionally, we re-evaluate our patients routinely in order to analyze their progression and manage their complaints better. Even after discharge, our patients are like family to us, and we love checking on them and hearing back. Empathy is necessary to help others.

All of the therapists at ActiveCare Physical Therapy© are compassionate and committed to rehabilitating their patients throughout the healing process. We love taking care of our patients by communicating with them, empowering them and helping them be more functional.

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