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Dr. Karena Wu Works the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Season

Association of Volleyball Professionals AVPThe 2024 AVP season is posted on and we are getting ready for another great year for professional beach volleyball! Dr. Karena Wu is the Medical Director for America’s elite professional beach volleyball tournament series, the Association of Volleyball Professionals, or the AVP. Dr. Wu has worked with the AVP since the early 2000’s in New York and New Jersey as a volunteer physical therapist. She became a board member in 2014 and subsequently the AVP Medical Director from 2016 on. Dr. Wu has traveled with the AVP to their tournament stops nationwide to provide the best medical care for the AVP athletes. She oversees the multi-disciplinary medical tent of physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and acupuncturists that are staffed locally at each stop to ensure a smooth transition of care and the best quality of care from each healthcare provider.

Activecare Physical Therapy ®: PT for Sports & Volleyball Injuries

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AVP MBO April & Alix Olympians

Back home in NYC, her team at ActiveCare Physical Therapy works with patients who enjoy sports but most specifically, volleyball, whether it is a pick up game or an organized team. Volleyball injuries can affect the shoulder, neck, low back, hip, knees and ankles. ActiveCare Physical Therapy is a holistic and manual therapy specialty practice that gets athletes back into their game quickly. Our specialized treatments include cupping, Graston Technique, kinesiology tape and the newest, laser therapy to promote cellular healing and return to play faster. Our holistic approach includes the entire kinetic chain which helps to strengthen the body for jumps, serves, spikes and digs. We emphasize proper joint mobilizations and mechanics for the best movement during sports play. We know the sport’s requirements and know what to do to get the muscles and skeletal bones in tip top shape. We will help guide you along to make sure you can recover from any current injuries, prevent future injuries and continue to play indoor or beach volleyball to get that win!

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