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The Today Show: How to Take Care of What Hurts

karena-wu-today-show-jan-9-2024-best-pt-press-nycTo help start the new year off right, Dr. Karena Wu was back on the Today Show to discuss the general principles to remember when something hurts. The holidays and the new years just passed and many people were traveling, stuck in planes or airports and feeling the rush and possible stress of the holidays, family, work and friends. Dr. Wu reminds the audience of the old but still useful acronym PRICE for right after injuries. PRICE stands for: Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. This general guideline is useful to help avoid further damage when you are injured or wake up with an ache or pain. She then demonstrated some variations of techniques to help areas that hurt. There are many different techniques to utilize when you feel pain and these can be a stretch, a position, an at home tool or a modality. Dr. Wu gives a combination of tips for neck pain, low back pain and the legs. Learn how to take care of what is hurting you here!

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