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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Physical Therapy for Pain in the NeckPhysical Therapy for Neck Pain NYC 1

Neck pain can be a seriously debilitating condition, limiting your ability to perform even normal everyday tasks. Neck pain reduces the range of motion for your neck and head, and may result in pain symptoms felt in the shoulder arm or hand. Over 100 million Americans have reported having some degree of neck pain, and our dedicated practitioners understand just how serious pain in the neck can be.

Causes of Neck Pain

One of the most common causes of neck pain found in our patients is whiplash, which occurs most often from either an automobile accident or in a sports-based setting. Other causes of neck pain include complications with a cervical disc, arthritic inflammation, and as a result of poor posture over an extended period of time. Pain occurring in the neck may spread to the arms or upper back, or may result in pain felt in the head. Neck pain can also result in chronic headaches for the patient.

Treating Neck Pain with Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy for neck pain focuses on both improving muscular strength and restoring the full range of motion to your neck. Stronger neck muscles will be able to better support the neck and head, reducing strain on the neck while helping to rid you of symptomatic pains. Heat, ice, and electrical muscle stimulation may also be used to provide relief to a painful neck. Our team of physicians, chiropractors, and massage therapists will device a unique treatment plan to bets help you based on what symptoms you have.

Preventing Neck Pain

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain NYC 3For some patients, neck pain is occurring due to causes that can sometimes be prevented. These include poor posture, sitting for extended periods of time, and having the neck twisted while resting. Our therapists will examine your posture and offer methods of posture improvement. You may also consider obtaining a cervical therapy pillow to better support your neck while sleeping.

If you are experiencing pain in your neck, contacting us can help you get started on becoming pain-free today.Physical Therapy for Neck Pain NYC 4

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