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Physical Therapy for Hip Pain


Physical Therapy for Pain in the HipPhysical Therapy for Hip Pain NYC1

The hip is comprised of a ball and socket joint held together bynumerous ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The hips bear the vast majority of your weight during movement and are prone to arthritic pain because of it. Muscle tears or sprains may also occur in the hip if there is a sudden unexpected movement of the leg. Physical therapy (PT) is an integral factor in managing your hip pain, with your individual treatment program designed based on your symptoms.

Physical Therapy for Hip Pain PO2Causes of Hip Pain

Depending on where your pain is and how the pain is felt, our team of dedicated practitioners will be able to diagnose the cause of your pain and help you to obtain relief.  Some examples:

  • Pain in the groin, is most likely caused by arthritic inflammation in the hip joint. Muscle strains can also produce pain in this area.
  • Pain in the side of the hip is typically representative of a tear or strain in the muscles supporting the hip, with one of the more common causes being hip bursitis, which is an irritation of the bursa (a fluid filled sac between muscles and bones that allow them to move freely against one another).
  • Pain felt in the back of the hip or the buttocks is often the result of a problem in the lower back.

Treating Hip Pain with Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy for Hip Pain PO5

The first step in obtaining relief for your hip pain is an evaluation of your hip to examine your symptoms. We will test your walking gait, range of motion, and hip strength to help determine the cause of your pain. Our certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will device an exercise regime based on your symptoms to help strengthen the muscles of your hip and provide pain relief. Other methods of treatment include manual manipulation of the hip to better position it while walking. For patients with arthritic pain, this manipulation will help to bear your weight more effectively, reducing the amount of inflammation in your hip.

Beautiful Medical Receptionist Wearing HeadsetIf you are experiencing painful symptoms in either of your hips, contacting us is the first step towards relief.

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