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Physical Therapy Foot Pain

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain PO1Pain in the feet can and will affect you more than you realize. Pain in the feet can adversely affect nearly every aspect of your day, and can be the source of pain felt in other areas of the body.

In many cases, pain of the hips, knees, lower back, and even the neck can be attributed to complications with the feet. Foot pain affects millions of Americans every year, and can occur from a minimal level of activity such as walking.

The feet create a base of support for the body, and are the starting point for many of the body’s movements. Due to the complexity of the foot and ankle (the foot alone contains 26 different bones and over 100 ligaments, tendons, and muscles), it is a common site for tears, fractures, and sprains among other injuries. Impairments in the feet that are left untreated can lead to lifelong complications and permanently reduced ability. Physical therapy (PT) is able to help provide pain relief for the feet and help patients re-achieve full usage of the feet.

Reasons for Foot Pain

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Two of the largest causes of foot pain are shoes that do not fit properly and shoes that force the foot into an unnatural shape. On average, people will take between 8-10 thousand steps each day, with each step supporting a force approximately 50% greater than their body weight. Having this Physical Therapy for Foot Pain PO2force placed directly on feet that are even slightly off-balance can result in pain or injury.

Other common causes of foot pain can include:

· Complications with the arch

· Achilles tendinitis

· Arthritic damage

· Not using the toes to help support pressure on the feet during activity

Ways to Alleviate Foot Pain

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain PO3

Our therapists will develop a treatment plan based on the symptoms presented with your foot pain. Physical therapy commonly focuses on improving muscle strength and flexibility of the feet to better support the body during movement. PT also focuses on improving the range of motion for feet, which may include changes to your walking method. Many patients are able to obtain relief for their feet and see a noticeable improvement in their physical ability that can provide lifelong relief.

If you’ve had pain in the foot, whether in the toes, heels, or arch, contacting our therapists is the first step towards relief.Physical Therapy for Foot Pain PO4

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