Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain NYC

Best physical therapist in nyc for low back pain p01Nearly every person will experience some degree of low back pain (LBP) at some point in their lives, and low back pain is the number one cause of work-related disability.


“Nearly every person will experience low back pain at some point in their life.”

If you have symptoms of pain that do not fade after one or two days, we can help through physical therapy. Our physical therapists will use a hands-on approach to provide relief without the need for medication with side-effects or high-risk corrective surgery. Physical therapy can often help restore or improve mobility of the spine to reduce low back pain, allowing a return to your normal pain-free life quickly and improvement in everyday quality of life.

Physical therapy works to treat back pain in a number of ways, with a treatment regime designed based on your unique symptoms. One of the most effective ways of treating low back pain and increasing recovery speed is exercise. Exercise will strengthen the back, providing better support to the spine which works to help prevent future pain. The PTs at ActiveCare are certified strength and condition specialists, making them the number one choice in designing an exercise routine for you.

Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain.

Best physical therapist in nyc for low back pain p02We also have advanced training in manual therapies and are able to use spinal manipulation to provide pain relief if a bulging or herniated disc is at fault. Spinal manipulation works to gently re-position the spine to relieve pressure off a damaged disc, in many cases reducing or removing symptoms of pain completely. Studies have shown that patients have shown significant success using lumbar stabilization exercises (LSE) in combination with other physical therapies.

Yoga and Pilates for Low Back Pain.

Total body workout programs such as yoga or Pilates can also help to improve posture and body strength, helping to reduce future recurrence of pain. We have certified instructors in both disciplines.

Best physical therapist in nyc for low back pain p03Contact ActiveCare today to get started with Physical Therapy to reduce low back pain today.

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