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Sports Physical Therapy: What Is It and How it Helps Athletes

What is sports physical therapy? Everyone plays sports as a hobby or fun activity. Besides, some people devote their lives to a particular sport. Whether playing soccer with friends or on a domestic or international level, everyone who plays sports knows several injuries may occur during and after a game.

Sports injuries such as sore or torn muscles can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes without getting any treatment, a person can move on as the pain fades away. But, if you’re really into sports, it is important that you have someone to help you with your injuries and educate you on your condition.

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This is where sports physical therapists come into play. Continue reading as we discuss how sports physical therapy helps athletes stay fit and prevent injuries.

Who Are Sports Physical Therapists?

Sportsman or not, you must already know what a physical therapist does. They are movement experts who help patients recover from injuries and prevent future problems. These professionals get a doctor of physical therapy degree and go through several years of training to achieve a license.

They know and understand a human body’s anatomy, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, etc.

Physical therapists help athletes manage and reduce pain, and restore function. They also help sportspeople achieve fitness, stay active, and prevent injuries.

Physical Therapy in Sports

When it comes to sports, whether played on domestic or international levels, team managers pay hefty amounts to keep their players fit and healthy. One of the things they need to make sure they can provide their players is physical therapists.

As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty common for players to get injured during a game. This means if a player is facing issues in moving with the flexibility they should, a physical therapist evaluates and finds the root cause. They also decide whether the player should continue playing or not.

They usually sit in the sidelines or dugouts during the game. You might have noticed when a football player gets injured; a doctor runs on to the pitch to help them out. Well, these aren’t general physicians; they are physical therapists.

Besides team sports, such as football or cricket, athletes who play individual sports also need physical therapists. For instance, tennis players, boxers, swimmers, cyclists, etc., all need physical therapy at some stage.

The Importance of Sports Physical Therapists

Sports injuries are quite unpredictable, and you never know when it could happen and how. Therefore, players always need someone to help them manage pain and avoid injuries. PTs make sure whether the player can play the current and next game so that they don’t put themselves in further risk. This is why physical therapists play an important role in keeping a player fit and healthy for every game.

Besides, players often schedule meetings with their physical therapists after a game or training to find out whether they are as fit as they should be. Physical therapists work with players and focus on enhancing their mobility by prescribing specific and safe exercises.

A sports physical therapist doesn’t necessarily work for professional players. Even if you’re not a sportsman, but live an active lifestyle and engage in sports activities, you should consider visiting one for advice and examination when you feel pain.

How Do They Help You?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, sports injuries are pretty common, but sometimes they can be quite severe. For instance, some players have to go through surgery, and after that, they are unable to perform the way they used to do before the injury.

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Sports physical therapists engage the patient in safe exercises without any medication and allow the patient to slowly build that mobility they once had. Thus, having a physical therapist by your side during recovery can be quite helpful as this reduces the chances of aggravating the condition and helps quickly recover.

Here are some conditions that a sports physical therapist may treat.

  • ROM, this refers to when overuse of muscles causes them to lack the mobility they had
  • Ankle sprains are quite common in sports that require you to run
  • Broken bones, closed, open, or even compound fractures
  • Knee Ligament Injury
  • Joint replacement
  • Pain in parts of the body that lead to soreness and stiffness

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We have mentioned the basics of sports physical therapy and how it plays a useful and helpful part in allowing sports players to continue their healthy activities. If you’re wondering where to find a professional physical therapist, who can advise and help you with any physical condition that needs attention, we have the best physical therapists.

At ActiveCare physical therapy, we adopt a holistic approach to care and also offer sports-specific rehabilitation. So if you want to heal your injuries with the help of the best sports physical therapists in the town, contact us today and book an appointment.

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