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Fit3D Postural Scan

You can maintain your overall health by improving your posture. Many people do not know, but having a good posture is as important as a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. You need to position your body properly so that you can undertake daily activities with more energy and power. It’s a major factor in maintaining your overall physical health.

So you might be wondering: what is a good posture, and how can you maintain it? Posture is the natural position with which we hold our bodies while sitting, standing, and even laying down. With a good posture, your muscle tension is right, and your entire body aligns symmetrically. Not to mention, it is easy to maintain a good posture.

What is Good Posture?

A good posture is the suitable alignment of your body when sitting or standing. Right positioning involves properly training yourself to hold your entire body against gravity with the minimum tension and strain on supportive structures, such as your ligaments and muscles. Furthermore, appropriate posture maintains your joints and bones in the best alignment and decreases any kind of stress on supportive structures.

Fit3D Postural Scan NY

Why Is It Important to Maintain A Good Posture?

Here are a few benefits of maintaining a perfect posture:

  • Enabling muscles allows you to coordinate in an effective manner and ensure that the body utilizes less energy. It also helps eliminate muscle fatigue. This will allow the person to perform tasks for a longer time with minimum fatigue.
  • Holds your spinal joints at the right place, which is important to maintain good posture. When your ligaments are less-stressed, along with your alignment joints, you will have fewer chances of injury.
  • Help you prevent muscular and back pain; all these signs indicate that you have an un-relaxed body. By preventing the pain, you will eliminate numerous alignments that cause bad body posture.

Symptoms of Poor Posture

Symptoms of a poor posture are mentioned below:

  • Headache
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Body pains and aches
  • Back pain
  • Head leaning forward or backward
  • Bent knees while walking or standing
  • Potbelly
  • Rounded shoulders

What Does a Posture Scanner Do?

The Posture Scan captures the details of everyday human movement. The standardized scan protocol makes the outcome comparable and the examination consistent. You should ‘perform’ each movement of your body according to the instruction video or with expert training. Then, you should record all the performance during the repetitions. The posture scanner also gathers metadata such as age, gender, and discomfort. Before the scan starts, Posture Scanner will ask the candidate if they can squat or balance on one leg.

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Why Fit3D for Your Posture Analysis?

Fit3D ProScanner is a part of the 3D scanner for your body and includes evaluation of your body posture, from your head to your feet. Unlike other equipment that assesses your posture, the Fit3D scanner examines the position of your eyes and ears as a baseline and provides essential insight on your neck and its position. The analysis of our posture calculates your ankle, knees, hips, and shoulder positions while you are standing. It also provides wellness metric poses on the shape of your body, trunk to the leg, and waist to hip volume ratios, and much more.

This is important if you have mobility issues, or chronic pain in your back, neck, or joints. A posture examination can help you focus your time in the fitness center and on activities that support your core. After some time, as your health and fitness improve, you can scan your body again to see changes and additionally regulate your posture.

Finally, and most importantly, the Fit3D ProScanner performs all these processes and analyses automatically. Using the app with an insightful interface, this system provides a complete report with a detailed analysis that would usually require a therapist to determine.

Body Shape Rating (BSR)

BSR is a score based on the connection between your cardiovascular to body shape risk factors. It gives answers to questions as to whether your body shape has a chance to develop potential cardiovascular health issues. BSR is rated from 0 to 100, where 50 is an average score. The higher your number, the lower you are at risk of developing such conditions.

Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio

This ratio compares your trunk’s volume with your legs. According to researches, having a high percentage of body volume in the torso as compared to your legs increases the chances of experiencing diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndromes, high triglyceride (fat) counts, prediabetes, and various health complications.

Weight in Your Midsection

Weight in your midsection is highly associated with visceral fat, which is one of the unhealthy fats covering your organs. This can cause many negative health effects. If you have small legs and a big belly, you have centered-weight on the midsection and visceral fat.

Fit3D Postural Scan: Conclusion

If you are worried about your bad posture, you can visit our clinic for a professional physical therapist. Simply call us at (212) 777-4374 to arrange an appointment or visit our website to learn more about physical therapy and how we treat conditions due to bad posture.

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