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Physical Therapy for Thigh Pain

Physical Therapy for Pain in the Thigh

Physical Therapy for Thigh Pain NYC 1Pain in the thigh has a number of potential causes and can lead to a loss of functionality of the leg and difficulty in movement. Our dedicated team of physicians, chiropractors, and massage therapists will design a treatment based on your symptoms that will help provide relief and restore full function to your leg.

The Causes of Thigh Pain

Physical therapy is able to help with nearly every cause of pain in the thigh, studies prove. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Sciatica: Leg pain resulting from sciatica is due to one or more pinched nerves in the lower back. This nerve compression can be the result of a number of spinal conditions such as a herniated or bulged disc. In addition to leg pain, you may feel weakness or numbing in your leg as well as a tingling feeling similar to pins and needles if compression worsens during movement. Physical Therapy for Thigh Pain NYC 2
  • Arthritis: arthritis comes in many forms, and can generate pain in the leg in a variety of ways.
  • Trauma: Injury to the leg is one of the most common causes of thigh pain. A pulled or torn muscle (remember the thigh contains three large muscle groups: the hamstrings, quads, and adductor muscles) can cause immense pain and affect mobility. Hamstrings in particular are at risk due to being attached to both the hip and knee joints, doubling the range of movements that can affect them.

Obtaining Relief

Physical Therapy for Thigh Pain NYC 3The exact method of restorative therapy will vary based on the root cause of your symptoms. Common methods of treatment include massage to loosen tightened lug muscles and therapeutic exercise to build strength, restore the legs range of motion, and provide pain relief. For patients with pain caused by sciatica, manual manipulation of the spine can potentially reduce the pressure exerted on the nerve to provide relief.Our experienced practitioners will create a treatment program suited to your needs.

If you are experiencing pain in the thigh for reasons unknown, contacting us today is the first step towards relief.Physical Therapy for Thigh Pain NYC 4

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