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Epoch Times: Fracture or Bone Bruise? How to Tell

Karena was in Epoch Times: Fracture or Bone Bruise? How to Tell NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu writes for restaurant and health and wellness publications. She has treated celebrity chefs and bartenders who work laboriously in their craft. They have extreme conditions in their work environment, not to mention the long hours. Keeping… Continue Reading

How to use a foam roller to relieve neck, back and knee pain

Karena Wu was quoted in NBC news Better online: NBC News Better: How to use a foam roller to relieve neck, back and knee pain NYC Celebrity Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu knows tight muscles. On herself, her patients, her athletes, we are all prone to our tissues tightening up on us. The foam roller… Continue Reading

20 Non-Scale Victories That Prove You're Making Weight Loss Progress

Dr. Wu was quoted in Prevention: 20 Non-Scale Victories That Prove You’re Making Weight Loss Progress NYC Celebrity Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu works with clients to recover physical abilities and address other physical issues. Physical therapy also incorporates training in other areas of health and wellness, to include weight loss. ActiveCare Physical Therapy offers… Continue Reading

Get Your FIT3D Fitness Scan at ActiveCare Physical Therapy NOW!

FITNESS SCAN IN 35 SECONDS  Get your FIT3D scan at ActiveCare PT NOW! FIT3D is a 3D full body scanner that is now available at ActiveCare Physical Therapy. Track your rehabilitation or your fitness goals with this new body scan. It uses multiple cameras to take a 3-dimensional picture of your body position in space. The scanner gives… Continue Reading

ActiveCare Physical Therapy & Walk to Cure Arthritis

Walk to Cure Arthritis My company, ActiveCare Physical Therapy has participated with the Walk to Cure Arthritis since 2012. We do our best to support the one in four Americans who have arthritis not just as patients, but in our community give back. We are hosting a raffle this year of prizes to include: restaurant… Continue Reading

PIX11: Positioning Yourself for Better Sleep

National and World Sleep Week National and World Sleep Week just passed but it’s never too late to attend to how you sleep. Sleep is a very necessary restorative process. Certain positions might be affecting your body which can cause or exacerbate injuries. Celebrity Physical Therapist, Dr. Karena Wu discussed sleeping positions on PIX11 on… Continue Reading

Quoted in She Knows: Reasons to see a Physical Therapist

8 Surprising Reasons You Might Need to see a Physical Therapist NYC’s Best PT, Dr. Karena Wu contributes to this article on the other conditions that warrant physical therapy. ActiveCare Physical Therapy specializes in manual based and Pilates rehabilitation but ActiveCare Physical Therapy also treats the jaw and dizziness (vertigo) from an inner ear condition.… Continue Reading

We’re Quoted in Elite Daily: Winter Workouts

6 Little Things That Can Motivate You To Work Out, Even In The Dead Of Winter It is still chilly outside even though we are halfway through March. Sometimes we get into hibernation mode with the cold temperatures but spring is right around the corner. Keeping yourself motivated to work out can be a task… Continue Reading

7 Signs That Your Joint Pain Is Serious

ActiveCare Physical Therapy participates with the Arthritis Foundation to promote awareness of how to take care of your joints. Dr. Karena Wu describes some joint signs that should be a warning for you to get your joints checked. The physical therapists role in rehabilitation is to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body and… Continue Reading

Got Neck Pain? Here’s How to Treat It

To continue on causes and treatment for neck pain, ActiveCare Physical Therapy owner, Dr. Karena Wu contributes to another article on neck conditions. She has treated spinal pain for almost two decades. A lot of aches and pain can be treated at home with self-management techniques. In this story, she discusses the causes and some… Continue Reading