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  • Our therapists are licensed in New York State and active members in the American Physical Therapy Association. We have advanced training in joint mobilization and myofascial release techniques.
  • We are dedicated practitioners with a passion for the profession and a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment and healing. We treat each patient as an individual and treat the whole person, with a plan of care designed to meet the patient’s set goals for health, functionality and a return to work, tasks and activities. We network with a team of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists in order to provide guidance to other modalities that may be effective in the patients’ care.
  • Physical Therapist and owner Karena Wu is a graduate of the Program in Physical Therapy at Columbia University and is affiliated with several healthcare organizations in New York City. She is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Pilates Instructor, and uses SpiderTech Taping.
  • ActiveCare is primarily an out-of-network facility. We accept all insurance with out-of-network benefits and file for most major insurance plans. We work with all prospective patients to create workable payment plans regardless of insurance coverage.
  • ActiveCare accepts Medicare, No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation patients depending on schedule availability.
  • ActiveCare’s administrators provide seamless and efficient concierge-style client service to all of our patients. And the whole ActiveCare team makes sure your time with us is a beneficial, productive and enjoyable experience.


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TFS: January 2018: The Perils of Poor Posture

It appears that your browser does not support our web PDF viewer. You can download the PDF to view the document.

It appears that your browser does not support our web PDF viewer. You can download the PDF to view the document.

It appears that your browser does not support our web PDF viewer. You can download the PDF to view the document.

Dr. Karena Wu’s latest article is on poor posture. Poor posture can have detrimental effects on other parts of the body and can affect other systems that you would not normally correlate with your posture. NYC weather in 2018 has been challenging and we are still struggling with the cold temperatures. The lack of change to spring temperatures is wreaking havoc on people’s systems because they are still shivering in the cold outside. That, combined with the mental stress of not enjoying a spring season can exacerbate the already poor posture we can exhibit when trapped indoors. To read about how posture affects the whole system, view below.




Pilates For Rehabilitation

Dr. Karena Wu has been using Pilates in rehabilitation since 2005. Early on in her career, she found the principles of Pilates training to be of significant benefit for orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. ActiveCare Physical Therapy® NYC and Mumbai are known for their Pilates-based rehabilitation. Pilates incorporates the holistic practice philosophy that Dr. Wu incorporates into her training of her staff for treatment of post-surgical, postural, vestibular and many other joint related injuries. To read the story, click here.

How To Become A Better Runner If You’re A Beginner

Spring has officially started and beginning a running program can be daunting. The biggest problem people have is doing too much too fast. The persistent cool weather also lets you go too long, too far and too fast because it reduces your perception of discomfort (ever continue running in the winter because your thighs are numb?). ActiveCare Physical Therapy’s patients participate in running different distances in many states and countries but the actions of running are the same. Dr. Karena Wu contributes to this article to discuss the small steps you can take to go from a beginner to a seasoned pro without injury.  To read the article, click here.

‘Text-neck’: it’s exactly what it sounds like, and apparently, real

ActiveCare Physical Therapy’s Dr. Karena Wu was asked to continue the conversation on ‘text neck’ on KPCC’s Air Talk. She was originally asked to speak about ‘text neck’ on NBC Better’s Facebook Live Series. KPCC is a NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate located in Southern California. The text neck discussion was live and Dr. Wu described the detrimental effects of this technology induced overuse/repetitive stress injury and the exercises to help correct it. To hear the recording, click here.

ActiveCare PT Mumbai hosts first Kinesio Taping course


ActiveCare Physical Therapy® promotes education. We host workshops for the general public and continuing education courses for physical therapists. We just wrapped up our first international Kinesio Taping course at ACPT Mumbai this past weekend. ActiveCare enjoyed being the official host facility for KTAI to bring kinesiology taping skills to the local physios. We love educating to bring the Best PT from NYC to the rest of the world!
KT1-3 Express Course
Dr. Karena Wu with her ACPT Mumbai team
ACPT Mumbai with Dr. Sujata Khire, KTAI instructor

4 Ways Running Affects Your Body Later In Life — The Good & The Bad

romperInternational marathons are all the rage now. More and more people are adding running to their exercise regime. ActiveCare Physical Therapy treats runners, both short and long distance runners. NYC Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu comments on the genetic component of the long term effects of running. Other effects are also discussed about how running affects the body. To see the article, click here.


The first quarter of 2018 is well under way and about to end. It is a new year but many of our resolutions stay the same. Diet, nutrition, exercise, and a change of mindset are typical resolutions. Are you fitness goals still within reach and are you still on the path for completion? Dr. Karena Wu reminds us of the things that can keep us on track as you start your exercise regime. To read the story, click here.

NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu was just included in the Top 3 Physical Therapists on ‘Three Best Rated’.

NYC’s Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu was just included in the Top 3 Physical Therapists on ‘Three Best Rated’. This website uses a 50-point inspection that checks items like history, reputation, complaints, ratings, trust and cost. This honor was given to Dr. Wu without any fees or requests to be included. Dr. Wu and her team of physical therapists at ActiveCare Physical Therapy give consistent high quality services. Their goal is practicing holistic care that fixes the patients and they take the time to do so. If you are looking for the best, come to the best in NYC. Dr. Wu and her associates will give you the best care they can. To see the listing, click here.

Bustle: 7 Reasons You’re Experiencing Back Pain, According To Experts


80% of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some point in their lives. Low back pain is an extremely debilitating injury that can affect many aspects of your daily routine. NYC Best Physical Therapist Dr. Karena Wu has been treating low back pain since 2000. She has used multiple devices, her hands, and other instruments to help reduce her patient’s perception of low back pain. Dr. Wu contributed to some of the reasons why people experience low back pain. If you ever experience low back pain, see your local physical therapist to evaluate and treat it. The sooner you get hands on therapy, the faster it can resolve itself.

To read the article, click here.

What Happens To Your Kid’s Body When Their Backpack Is Too Heavy? It Can Have Long-Lasting Effects

Dr. Karena Wu discusses potential health injuries for kids as they return to school. Kids have a heavy load of books to carry throughout the year and it is important to be mindful of the type of backpack you are using and how much weight you are putting in it. Every fall, Dr. Wu comments on what to look for in a good backpack. In this post, she comments on the repercussions of choosing a fashion backpack over a functional one. To read her comment, click here.