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Physical Therapy for Knee Pain


Physical Therapy for Pain in the Knee

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain NYC 5Almost every individual will suffer through some degree of knee pain throughout their lives, with chronic arthritis of the knee the single largest cause of chronic disability in Americans older than 65. Whether caused by arthritis, overuse of the muscles, a sprain or strain of the knee, or foot pronation while running (an inwards curl of the foot during movement that can result in improper weight balance) knee pain is something that affects every aspect of the body. There is good news regarding your knee pain: In many cases, it is entirely avoidable. Treatment of knee pain through physical therapy (PT) and exercise can be just as effective as invasive procedures, as proven by trials by Harvard Medical School and as published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Working on the muscles that support your knee with PT to strengthen and stretch them can provide a large degree of pain relief and help to lengthen their health. Our therapists are very capable of teaching preventative and maintenance techniques that can improve the strength of these muscles.


Treating Knee Pain with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain NYC 3The exercises your therapists will have you performing are gentle movements to relax the muscles of the knee joint in order to provide pain relief. PT will focus on improving the range of motion of your knee while reducing pain in order to restore function to your knee. Our therapist will also teach you how to avoid knee pain during your treatment by showing you how to quell your pain symptoms, such as with a warm compress or the use of a topical agent. Your therapist will likely ask you what your common day-to-day activities are and explain ways to perform them without placing excess strain upon your knee.

Physical Therapy following Surgery

For patients who have had to undergo surgery due to a muscle tear or severe arthritic damage to the knee, PT is used as part of the recovery process. Depending on the cause of your knee pain, it may be possible to entirely avoid surgery through the use of physical therapy. Contact us today to rid yourself of problematic knee pain. Physical Therapy for Knee Pain NYC 4

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain NYC 4Contact us today to rid yourself of problematic knee pain.

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