Physical Therapy for Upper Back Pain


Physical Therapy for Pain in the Upper BackPhysical Therapy for Upper Back Pain NYC 2

Upper back pain is becoming one of the most common sources of pain for individuals in the computer workforce, as spending a large amount of time sitting in a fixed position can place significant strain on the back. There are a number of sources of pain in the upper back, including trauma, injury, poor posture, muscle irritation, or joint dysfunction in the ribs. Our team of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists are ready and willing to work with you to help dissipate your pain and restore full movement to your spine.

Causes of Upper Back PainPhysical Therapy for Upper Back Pain NYC 1

Two of the most common causes of pain in the upper back are joint dysfunction and muscular irritation. Muscular irritation commonly occurs in the muscles located across the shoulders, and is caused by either a lack of strength in these muscles or an injury due to overuse. Muscular irritation can also occur due to muscle strain or trauma.

There are two joints connecting on either side of the spine that serve as anchor points connecting the shoulder muscles to the spine. Dysfunction in these joints can cause upper back pain. Each of these causes is very responsive to physical therapy treatment,which can help to provide long-term pain relief.

Treating Upper Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Upper Back Pain NYC 3The most effective type of upper back pain treatment for muscular irritation is manual manipulation of the muscles. Techniques such as chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, and acupuncture can each help to relax the muscles. Gentle stretching of the muscles combined with strength training can help to reduce irritation and improve the ability of the muscles to withstand use and regain function.

Manual treatment is also effective for symptomatic pain caused by joint dysfunction. Our therapists will help to mobilize the joints, reducing discomfort. You will also be instructed on an exercise regime to stretch the spine, shoulders, and shoulder muscles in order to successfully maintain relief. Our dedicated practitioners are trained in techniques to provide relief for the majority of upper back pain conditions.

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