An Uncommon Defense against the Common Cold

imageAfter weeks of merriment and celebration, there’s nothing like facing the New Year head on, well rested, and full of energy. Too bad you’ve come back feeling utterly horrid- what with the stress of your flight being delayed, then cancelled, and then cancelled again, thanks to the Blizzard of 2010, (who doesn’t love buying the same ticket twice?) not to mention the backlog of work you’re now faced with. If you’re not sick already, you probably will be soon. Don’t believe me? Look around. That guy’s sniffling. There’s a surreptitious Kleenex tucked up that lady’s sleeve. There’s just no escaping. Well, maybe there is- I have a trick up MY sleeve:

imageTai Chi! That’s right, the ancient Chinese meditative exercise. Not expecting this one, were you? But as a physical therapist, I can’t recommend it more highly. And scientists agree- believing it may help ward off all sorts of illnesses. In fact, an NIH/UCLA study found it decreased instances of shingles in older adults. How does it help with a cold? The graceful and purposeful movements can be done even when your system is out of whack and you have very little energy. The deep breathing and slow movements unlock stressed areas, relaxing the body, even helping you sleep better, which in turn boosts your immune system and helps your body fight infections. Voila! No cold! Prevention Magazine has a great cold fighting Tai Chi workout here.

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