Three Easy Stretching Exercises Part II Downward Facing Dog

Holiday Stretch #2- Downward- Facing Dog

My absolute FAVORITE lately- nothing says “good morning” like a downward-facing dog. It’s a huge full body stretch that works whether you are in Mexico, Los Angeles, Peru or NYC. The “down-dog” is great for spinal decompression, but it can be severe, so don’t kill yourself trying to look like the yogi in the picture! Also- if you have shooting pain in your leg, this exercise is not for you.

imageDownward-Facing Dog Tip #1- If the back of your legs are tight-tight-tight, you can pedal the feet out first. Press down through one heel and straighten that leg as much as possible; you’ll feel it in the back of that leg. Then switch to the other leg. Do this several times on both sides, to loosen up and make the stretch more tolerable.

Downward- Facing Dog Tip #2-. Make sure your head is at rest, and you are able to nod your head yes and no. You should be looking toward your upper thighs.

Tomorrow I will discuss Holiday Stretch #3, “The Hundred”. Stay tuned!

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