Three Easy Stretching Exercises Part III The Hundred

Holiday Stretch #3- The Hundred

One of the best things about Pilates and yoga is that you actually get to exercise lying down. The Hundred, which I do with many of my patients, is a workout for your core, which lets you take a minute, and breathe the holiday tension away.


The Hundred Tip #1– When you start, remember to engage your core- your navel should be pulled into your spine. Make sure to keep it engaged throughout the exercise. Do not let your stomach puff out during your inhalations!


imageThe Hundred Tip #2– For those who have been taught neutral spine, remember to maintain that slight arch in the small of the back. Feel the sacrum in contact with the floor and don’t move anything in the low back/pelvic region as you perform this exercise. This will maximize your core stabilization.

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