Q & A with ActiveCare’s Patient Services Administrators – Part 2

In the second part of our series on what makes ActiveCare Physical Therapy the best Physical Therapists in NYC, ActiveCare’s Front Desk Patient Services Administrators Annie Santos and Jasmine Abraham continue answering our questions. Keep reading to see why the best patients come to ActiveCare!

ActiveCare’s staff and patient population are very diverse. How do they all work together?

ActiveCare’s Front Desk Administrators Jasmine Abraham (L) and Annie Santos (R)
ActiveCare’s Front Desk Administrators Jasmine Abraham (L) and Annie Santos (R)

Annie: We have all types of patients, from fashion designers to professional volleyball players to chefs and others working in the food industry. The variety keeps things interesting!

Jasmine: And the staff here comes together to create a familial environment for each individual. Here you’re not just a name or a face, but a unique person that we’re invested in healing.

What’s it like to see patients progress through their plans of care and then get discharged?

Annie: When we see patients walk through our door for the first time, we see the pain in their eyes and all we want to do is get them treated to relieve the pain that their injuries are causing them. When it’s time to discharge them, it’s a bittersweet feeling because we get so attached to seeing our patients twice or sometimes three times a week. Seeing them go makes us very sad, but happy at the same time, because we know that we did a great job in getting them better and back to their normal lives.

Jasmine: Through patient satisfaction, sometimes we gain lifelong relationships with our patients. And we love it when they’re happy with our services and refer their friends and family to us!

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