Manhattan’s Masters of Health & Wellness Networking Event

Turtle Shell Health and ActiveCare Physical Therapy invite you to Manhattan’s Masters of Health & Wellness Networking Event on Wednesday November 16th 2011.

Preventive health practitioners from different fields of expertise will gather for an evening of stimulating ideas, thought & conversation and healthy refreshments.

To: Preventative Health Care Practitioners, Medical Professionals, Fitness Experts, Environmentalists, Farmers, all press, and citizens interested in maximizing health & fitness.
DATE: Wednesday, November 16th, 2011. 5:30pm-8:30pm
LOCATION: ActiveCare Physical Therapy. 12 W. 37th St., Suite 1202
COST: $20
REGISTER:  ==Click Here==

Keynote topic: The Future of the Preventive Health Care Movement: A Workable Model, Which Unites and Enables Alternative Health Care Practitioners, Medical Professionals to Optimize the Community’s Health While Making a Living. Particularly, how today’s health care model is coming
closer to accepting and uniting alternative health care practitioners to work along side (or be incorporated into) the medical establishment’s health protocols. Also, the best methods for alternative health practitioners to get a foot in the door of medical clinics and hospitals.

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