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The name of this blog came from the fact that the most common search term for my New York City physical therapy practice was “Best Physical Therapist NYC”.

PRACTICE PHIOLOSPHY: My approach to holistic Physical Therapy in NYC incorporates years of studies starting from undergraduate work in the biomedical sciences to continuing education in advanced manual therapies. I was a pre-medicine major and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I then switched tracks to Physical Therapy while working the front office of a Physical Therapy clinic after college. My father is a Pharmacist, my uncle is an Optometrist and multiple family members are in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

I have combined this history with my advanced medical training to create an approach that is thorough, well-rounded,
and holistically oriented. I am a firm believer in the teamwork approach. I understands the importance of looking
at the big picture and utilizing all therapies to progress the rehabilitation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

I am part of a network of providers that includes physicians, surgeons, and chiropractors in addition to alternative medicine practitioners that include acupuncturists, massage therapists and doctors who offer cutting edge therapies such as prolo and platelet rich plasma therapies.

EDUCATION:I graduated from the Program in Physical Therapy at Columbia University with a degree in Master of Science in Physical Therapy. I have continued to advance my manual skills with courses in Maitland Joint Mobilizations, Myofascial Release, McConnell Taping, KinesioTex Taping, and am a Certified Pilates Instructor. I am constantly learning new techniques and pull from my established training to create a rehabilitation program that is unique to every individual.

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