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Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

Dr. Karena Wu is a member of the the AVP Medical Board. She recaps the 2016 AVP professional beach volleyball season with Advance for PT & Rehab medicine magazine. Karena works as the medical event supervisor at the events and covered 6 of the 8 events thsi year. She has witnessed a multitude of athlete… Continue Reading

Your Phone Is Giving You Neck Pain-Here’s How To Fix It

  Dr. Karena Wu, NYC physical therapist knows what it is like to experience neck pain. She also knows how to fix it, especially when you spend too much time in a poor posture and on your phone. Minimize the stresses of ‘text neck’ by doing incorporating some corrective strategies. To find out what they… Continue Reading

Eat This, Not That!

22 HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-CARB SNACKS TO BOOST ENERGY NYC physical therapist Karena Wu shares her favorite high-protein, low-carb snacks. On her long days, she likes to grab snacks that offer the most nutrition that are also easy to transport in NYC. To read the list of quick fixes, click here. Continue Reading

Newest addition to ActiveCare Physical Therapy

Chutima Phanpho is originally from Thailand where she received a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from Mahidol University. She recently graduated from New York University with a Masters degree in Pathokinesiology. Before she moved to New York City, she held several positions as a lab assistant, medical textbook illustrator and as a physical therapist in private practice… Continue Reading

New Hire at ActiveCare Physical Therapy Alexis Airall

Alexis Airall was born and raised in Weschester County and is the first generation in her family born in the United States.. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, from Temple University. Alexis had a focus on Exercise and Sports Science within her major. She is working as a Physical Therapy aide… Continue Reading