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About Karena Wu and ActiveCare Physical Therapy:

  • Karena is a New York State Licensed Physical Therapist and a graduate from the Program In Physical Therapy at Columbia University.
  • She has advanced training in manual therapies, specifically in Maitland Joint Mobilization and Myofascial Release.
  • Kinesiotaping logoKarena is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Pilates Instructor. She also does McConnell Taping.
  • Karena is a dedicated practitioner who takes a holistic approach to her practice. She actively networks with a team of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and
    massage therapists.
  • She also maintains her professional memberships in the American Physical Therapy Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Karena is also affiliated with several other health care organizations located in New York City.
  • Karena accepts insurance but is out of network and files for most major insurance plans.

Karena Wu, PT, MS

ActiveCare Physical Therapy, Inc.
12 W 37th St. Ste. 1202
New York, NY 10018
(212) 777-4374

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Bone Bruises Cause Serious Problems

You will find that sometimes what you believe to be a simple bump or bruise could actually be quite a bit more serious, and it could be something that would require physical therapy treatment. Bone bruises can be very painful, as the damage and inflammation is in the bone tissue versus the muscle tissue. If you or someone in your family has such an injury, it is important that you seek help in dealing with it right away.

What Causes These Injuries to the Bone?Best Physical Therapist NYC for Bone Bruises 01

Often, some type of blunt impact causes the bruising. Many different types of accidents and injuries could cause bone bruising and require physical therapy for a full recovery. Car accidents, falling injuries, and even some types of sports related injuries could cause bruising to the bone. You will find that bone bruising has quite a few indicators.

Best Physical Therapist NYC for Bone Contusion 02You may have swelling and inflammation in the area around the impact site, and you may have pain in the periosteum (surface of the bone). When the bone has a bruise on it, you will also find that it can cause the muscles in the surrounding area to have pain. This can severely limit your movement. Healing from bone bruising can take weeks, and in some cases even months. Living with that much pain for such a long time is a horrible thought. Because it can affect the muscles surrounding the bone as well, it could mean that the muscle atrophies a bit, causing you to lose strength and mobility.

Best Physical Therapist NYC for Bone Bruises 03Best Physical Therapist NYC for Bone Bruises 04In order to determine if you have a bone bruise, your best option is going to be talking with someone who has experience. You need to set up a consultation with a medical professional. You may find that you need to have physical therapy treatment for the bruising. With an x-ray, it will be possible to diagnose the condition fully. The x-ray is going to be very important because it will let the specialists see if there is a fracture on the bone. In the case of certain types of trauma, this could well be the case, and you may need to have special care.

Types of Treatment

The physical therapist has a number of tools at his or her disposal to help you. Some of the treatment types that you could need include electrical stimulation, ice, and compression wraps. Soft tissue massage can often work well to help with the inflammation and swelling. Another option is Kinesio taping, which can help promote faster healing and remove all of the excess fluid from the area.

Never take a chance when you have an injury. You need to get help so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible. In order to do that, you need the best physical therapist. Talk with the therapists at ActiveCare about getting the diagnosis and treatment that you need. You will feel much better when you do.

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