Physical Therapy: Myths Vs. Reality

Physical Therapy: Myths vs. Reality

Among my patients, I hear a lot of theories about what physical therapy is and isn’t. This affects the decisions they make about how they utilize physical therapy, when they decide to seek physical therapy and if they follow treatment plans. And at the end of the day that determines whether they get better or continue to live in pain! That can make a pretty big difference in your life, right? Absolutely! So let’s get down to brass tacks about the mythsand realities of physical therapy.

Painful physical therapy no pain no gain - best physcial therapist nycFirst of all, many people avoid physical therapy because they have the assumption that it is painful and involves a “no pain, no gain approach.” That’s so old school. Fact is physical therapists are taught to treat with non-painful methods. Read all about it here!

Massage therapy with physical therapy - best physical therapist nycAnother myth is that massage therapy is not effective in physical therapy. The truth is that massage therapy is a complementary therapy to physical therapy and used in concert can be an extremely effective treatment method. Here is a really informative articleabout massage therapy.

Matter of fact, massage therapy and physical therapy have been intertwined since the days of the Ancient Greeks when Hippocrates prescribed it as part of a plan for his patients. Fascinating! Read more physical therapy history here.

Here is what physical therapy can do: It can improve your mobility, reduce the risk of injury, improve balance and prevent falls, help you avoid surgery, and eliminate pain. Did you know that physical therapy can also aid recovery from stroke and manage diabetes? Check out one of my favorite physical therapy sites, for more information on all the amazing things that physical therapy can do.

Finally, I practice a holistic approach to physical therapy and that involves the whole body, mind and spirit. See my brand new, beautiful video explaining my theories of healing the body. This approach makes sure that everything is working together and that results in a healthier you, with complete healing and less chance of injury. Like the sound of that, right!

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