Do Hydrophilic CBD Formulations Improve Absorption?

Best CBD Products post physical therapyIn its report on Cannabidiol (CBD) The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that when administered orally CBD is absorbed by the body at an average rate of 6%.

It makes sense that improving this absorption rate could be a good thing for patients and our bet is that improving solubility is the way to do it.

Is there any measurement of its improved absorption for CBD products?

Not yet. However, there is strong evidence from the pharmaceutical world that hydrophilic solutions result in improved absorption.

This article, Polymeric Micelle as a New Carrier in Oral Drug Delivery Systems, shines some light on the science linking hydrophilic to bioavailability.

Here’s are some highlights from the article that you might find helpful:


Most drug products on the global pharmaceutical market are administered orally. According to previous research, about 70% of new chemical entities are poorly soluble in water and 40% of oral drugs in immediate-release formulations, are considered practically insoluble in water.


The procedure of oral drug absorption is very complicated and it undergoes changes by so many factors:

  • Orally administered drugs travel through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract but are not be able to penetrate the GI membrane unless it dissolves in GI fluids, which are hydrophilic.
  • Drugs that are administered orally are exposed to different physiologic challenges such as pH changes and dilution effect and physiologic barriers such as filtration by the spleen or scavenging by the phagocytic system as biological barriers.


Micellization is a drug delivery system pharmaceutical companies use to improve the bioavailability of low solubility drugs. Polymeric micelles are hydrophilic nanocarriers that help drugs overcome both physicochemical and biological barriers by increasing the solubility of a drug while protecting it from physiologic challenges.

One of the most important characteristics of drugs that affect oral drug absorption and bioavailability is the solubility of the drug in hydrophilic liquids which is a physicochemical barrier. As drug solubility in GI fluids increases, the dissolution rate and therefore bioavailability of drug increases as well.

The size of these micelles varies from 10 to 200 nm. This small size offers many advantages, such as evading scavenging by the phagocytic system in the liver and bypassing filtration of the interendothelial cells in the spleen.

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